Woodland Wedding Festival

Watters wedding dress

When the alarm clock went off at 5.30am on Sunday morning I had a mixture of emotions… “why did I agree to this? along with the excitement and anticipation of what the day would bring. So off I went to Yoxall, in Staffordshire with a Mini packed full to the brim.

In the early hours of the morning the amazing Ben from hbaphotography kick started the photoshoot, and as you can see it is rather mesmerising. Rebecca our beautiful model wore our brand new Watters dress called Vendela, and I’m pleased to say a Watters dress stands-up to the elements…and after a full morning of shooting in well, fields and forests you can imagine what the hem of the dress may look like…well times that by 10 and that’s what we got… but after a little ‘rinse’ she looks as good as new! Phew!


Watters wedding dress

As for the day itself, its was brilliant, the tipi from peak tipis was a real eye opener. For those of you that know me, I’m no outdoorsy girl but this tipi was AMAZING, it was so relaxed yet uber-stylish, perhaps that’s thanks to the amazing team of stylists and the flowers, my goodness they were stunning by the hugely creative nadiaditullo.


wedding inspiration

So we left that day a little exhausted and a lot happy… so massive thanks to the amazing team at fieldandforest for being such amazing hosts, you have one truly awesome wedding venue!

wedding venue


the ivory chapter bridal boutique



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