Watters Wedding Dresses


A fresh take on timeless bridal gowns and sophisticated details

At Watters, luxurious fabrics, exquisite details, and flattering, feminine silhouettes are essential. Watters only does gorgeous.

30 years ago, Vatana Watters made a few dresses for friends and family, and found herself in demand. By the late 1980s, Watters had become a leading brand in bridal. Today it is a multi-tiered, global enterprise serving the needs of diverse brides and bridal parties worldwide. Vatana remains the head and the heart of it all, passionately leading the design team in a truly collaborative effort.

Watters in-house designers personally place the most intricate details of their gowns, because there are no substitutes for artistry and craft.

Every bride and attendant is unique. The breadth of their designs and their ability to customize ensures all of you will look your very best.

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