The influence of Meghan’s wedding dress on future brides.

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After such a build up to the ‘Royal Wedding’ I have had some time to reflect on the day. We were fully booked at the boutique right from the word go, so I only got to see snippets of the big day but thanks to Rachel (our in-house designer) we had a commentary in the background; to be honest it was mostly about George Clooney until she saw a glimpse of ‘THAT DRESS’ then that was it… we couldn’t resist all huddling around her phone to see it!

Having now seen the full wedding ceremony in real time (that’s how I roll on a Sunday!) I am now filled with such a mixture of emotions.

Firstly, hugely happy for the gorgeous couple; there is no escaping the fact that they are head-over-heels in love and totally suited to each other.

Secondly, after watching the wedding in real-time today (not on a phone buried under a pile of tulle whilst serving our very own princesses in the shop- see featured image of this blog!)) I found myself saying to my daughter ‘ Girl Power’ with a little fist pump (so not like me!) but seriously how confident and in-control did Meghan look doing her solo walk down the aisle- she looked like a strong powerful women- huge respect.

Thirdly, I got a little emotional….I had a little tear in my eye whilst watching the big day.  I think it was the intimacy I got from the day; although such a huge event with all of the pomp and ceremony I can’t quite put a finger on why this was … maybe it was the little moments that were captured between Meghan and Harry that made it feel like we were entering into their world for a short moment in time.

And finally, the feeling I got from getting my dress predictions so wrong (I hate being wrong!)Why did i think she’d wear lace, what was I thinking? I should imagine most of us that work in the bridal industry were gunning Meghan on to wear something a little bit sassy and well ‘less traditional’. So many of our customers were asking “what do you think Meghan will wear?, sleeve or no sleeve, lace or no lace”…? On reflection, how could I have got this  so wrong, the dress Meghan wore was absolutely perfect for her- she totally rocked her tailored, sharp, elegant dress such a refined and modern take on a traditional silhouette. The clean lines and lack of ‘tut’ on the dress was mesmerising against her bronzed flawless skin- and she looked youthful and radiant, but most of all ‘relevant’.

Let’s not get me started on the second dress- WOW, now that’s totally up my street, that was an unexpected treat … absolutely spot on Meghan (and Harry rocked his tux too?)

So what does that mean for us, we bridal boutique-owners. How many girls will want what Meghan had? My Instagram has been spammed with ghastly interpretations of ‘the dress’ some a damn-sight closer than others- some… i mean….really, who do you think you’re kidding?!

Well let’s see what the future holds on this front. If I’m honest I wasn’t inundated with requests from brides-to-be wanting a ‘lookey-likey’ of Kate’s wedding dress;  I wonder if this time it will be any different. Personally, what i think is so wonderful about each and every future bride we serve in the boutique is finding ‘that dress’ which  reflects them as a person, makes them feel sensational and to be that little bit ‘individual’. So let’s see what the future holds….

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    Well done darling.a brilliant blog on ‘The Day’ How proud am I!

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