The Art of a Bridal Seamstress

bridal seamstress derby

I have often referred to our seamstress as a ‘magician’ and I wanted to write a blog today to celebrate the dying art of the skilled bridal seamstress.

Anyone who has the confidence to put scissors to your wedding dress in my opinion undoubtedly needs to be sure of what they are doing, its a job for the brave.

bridal seamstress derby


Holly @thesewingroomderbyshire is our seamstress at The Ivory Chapter, she the ‘ying’ to my ‘yang’ with her candy floss pink hair and super-creative style that compliments my steady personality and slightly prim style. But aside from this she is also highly-skilled and experienced in de-contructing a wedding dress and putting it back together so it fits like a glove.


seamstress derby

Your dream wedding dress is often picked from a showroom sample that more often than not isn’t quite your size. So when you get ‘that call’ from the boutique to tell you that your dress has arrived, there is a thrill of seeing it again and the anticipation of oh gosh what if it doesn’t fit. And this is where you can have a huge amount of comfort knowing that Holly is on-hand. So whether you’ve gained or lost a few pounds, Holly will put your fears to rest, she has the patience to deal with anxious brides (and their Mothers) she is super-talented in her craft.

So there’s one thing for sure, you’ll be heading down the aisle looking absolutely amazing in your perfect dress.

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