Just two cool kids getting married.

Melanie X by FLORA bridal

Sarah and Adam’s Super-cool rooftop wedding , Great John Street Hotel. Manchester.

Sarah and I go back a long way now and when she told me she was getting married nothing could have prepared me for what the wedding actual day would be like. They chose to celebrate their wedding day in their home city of Manchester on the rooftop of a rather cool boutique hotel. They were so blessed with the weather. The sun never stopped shining and the vibe was cool and relaxed.

wedding dess
Great John Street Hotel Rooftop Bar

Every-single thing had been planned to perfection from the blossom-trees to the music and everything in between. But weirdly nothing felt planned, it all just seemed to happen, there was no flapping, no checking up on things… it was just the way it was (at least that’s how it seemed) clever, very clever…

That Dress…

When Sarah sent the WhatsApp to say she was getting married (she communicates pretty much via Whatsapp!) I was obviously over the moon for her.. (she hasn’t always been lucky in love!) She then proceeded to tell me that she was putting her faith in me to find her the prefect dress. I love a challenge, but this was going to be easy. Sarah is a FLORA bridal girl through and through. I’d get the odd Whatpp message from Sarah with a picture of yet and other FLORA dress asking….”whats this one, it’s gorgeous” Before Sarah had even come to the boutique in my head I was swaying between two dresses that I thought she would get married in- Lucia and Melanie X from FLORA bridal.

Flora Bridal Lucia
Lucia by FLORA Bridal

melanie X
Melanie X by FLORA bridal

The appointment was fab, loved every minute of it, she brought her close friends and family with her and they were a great team, super-helpful advisers.

wedding guests
Sarah and her wonderful Tribe

Within about an hour we had chosen ‘the one’ …It had to be Melanie X, with a ‘frame’ like Sarah’s it was just stunning, and it so matches Sarah’s personality….relaxed, fashionable with a lot of sass.

The Big Day

I was absolutely honoured to be part of this super-cool and intimate day. As soon as we arrived on the rooftop of Great John Street Hotel the atmosphere was relaxed and to be honest I felt like I was in Barcelona. The lift doors opened and you were greeted with the most magnificent flower wall.


There was cool music playing, and a LOT of very handsome men dressed in their slim fitting suits, socks and Reebok classics. This wedding was going to be cool. The rooftop area was effortlessly decorated with blossom trees and comfy seating and the sun was shining like no other day in March…

Loving the Reebok Classics
melanie x by FLORA bridal

The ceremony itself was one of the most emotional I have ever experienced. Adam waited nervously for Sarah, but before she arrived each of her bridesmaids and flower girl (Poppy who was awesome) walked in individually and the build up to Sarah’s entrance was insane… then there she was… standing like the most radiant bride that I have ever seen. The sun was shining through her georgette skirt and showing off the dress like I have never seen before. She was mesmerising, a vision I just can’t explain, and no photo (on my phone) will ever be able to capture. I am sure their super-talented photographer Nicola Thompson will have (and we can’t wait to see it!) I cried through pretty-much all of the ceremony, it was so heart-warming and sensitive.

The gorgeous happy couple
FLORA wedding dress

The day whizzed-by and before I knew it, it was 7 o clock and the party was starting…Sarah’s dress got a little ‘hook-up’ to turn that most wonderful train into something more manageable but equally as gorgeous and then she was off dancing the night away…

FLORA wedding dress

I can’t thank Sarah and Adam enough for letting me share this special day with them…

wedding dresses

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