A bumper collection of Cymbeline Wedding Dresses available at The Ivory Chapter for a Limited Period.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress

Wow so we have seven new Cymbeline wedding dresses arriving at The Ivory Chapter this coming week. They all have the signature “exquisite french lace and divine backs” but each wedding dress is individual in its own right. Never before has The Ivory Chapter been home to so many ‘princess dresses’ …not a style we tend to carry many of…but my goodness these Cymbeline wedding dresses knock other princess dresses out of the park!

Cymbeline always surprises me with their clever little twist of amazingly chic styling but with all the sass of an open-back and and the comfort of an un-structured bodice. Our Cymbeline brides can have the best of both worlds…looking 100% ‘the bride’, but being as comfortable as ‘a guest’. Usually a bride has to compromise comfort when considering a bigger dress…. not with a Cymbeline wedding dress.

So here is a sneak-peek of the seven new Cymbeline wedding dresses that we will have at The Ivory Chapter for a limited period only.


A shape that we know and trust- the soft fishtail. The gorgeous three- dimensional french lace is so soft and comfortable to wear. She oozes classy and elegance.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


She is a total stunner, with a fluid lace full skirt and the soft french lace sleeve. A nod to tradition with the twist of modernity.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress


Ok so we will need to make room on the rails for Cathy. She’s one of our biggest Cymbeline dresses yet, but my goodness check out that lace… the french lace is so contemporary and so soft… there will be no scratchy lace for our brides!

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


I take it back about Cathy… Chatelaine is the show-stopper when it comes to skirt size… and check out that back! The illusion back on Cymbeline wedding dresses are always so beautiful and refined… we don’t do ‘strictly come dancing’mesh in our boutique!

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


A little bit of Sass goes a long way! This dress oozes style and sophistication but that little cheeky bow on the back of the dress makes it fun and playful…

Cymbeline Wedding Dress


She is the sleeveless version of Bielo that we have at The Ivory Chapter. She comes in three sleeves lengths- 3/4, cap and sleepless, and Belen is the sleeveless model. The floaty georgette skirt teamed what the ‘neat’ french lace bodice and low back with eyelash lace is an effortless look.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


Cymbeline wedding dresses a personal fave of mine. It’s the perfect mix of tradition and modernity that the talented designers at Cymbeline get just right. There is nothing quite like the elegance and opulence of a french lace wedding dress…

So if you love what you see the please do book for an appointment!


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