Marylise New Modern Muse Collection due in just a few weeks.



The contemporary Marylise bride dreams of a wedding where everything is arranged down to the last detail. Her dream dress is a reflection of that perfection and everyone has to be blown away by its unique design, where the personality of the bride is reflected. No classic, stiff dress but instead a sophisticated creation that looks both romantic and ‘cool’ at the same time.

The shapes and materials are traditional. The details, however, make the creations very contemporary. For example, the seductive low backs and the 3D flower applications that emboss the clothes are very striking. Another dominant element in the collection is ‘transparency’. The dresses are transparent but never exaggerated. In addition to the refined lines and fit, noble fabrics have been used: dreamy fabrics that are cast on the body. For example, many lights, transparent materials have been used including tulle in ‘nude’, and silk jacquard. In addition, there are also many floral motifs and precious French lace. For Marylise 2019 we have succeeded in developing a very personal style for a unique bride!

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