Loving this Look for Chilly Wedding Days

I simply love this ‘edgy’ look of teaming the leather jacket with a super-pretty wedding dress. I wish I had thought of this when I got married on a brisk autumn day 12 years ago!

I am even debating whether to add a leather jacket to my mannequin that I have in the boutique window…a gorgeous soft black leather jacket would look amazing worn with the Cymebeline Baya dress – thats it, I am off to find the perfect little jacket- oh great the mannequin is my size too….happy days!

We can really push the boundaries now with how we style-up our wedding dress for the big day- its totally acceptable to wear cute little ankle boots or flip flops with our wedding dress… in fact who these days wants to wear a satin shoe when there are so many other choices? I think the same applies for the cover-up, if Olivia can wear a cute little fine gauge knit for her big day then this gives us permission to wear whatever we like with our dream dress.

So long as it is well considered and doesn’t look like it has been an afterthought then the world’s your oyster- just ensure it is planned and all works together, think about not only your dress but also shoes, hair, make-up, flowers and down forget how it will look next to your groom and bridesmaids too….

Go have fun with it!

Phoebe x







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