The Ivory Chapter Featured in Derbyshire Life Magazine

For anyone that’s anyone in Derbyshire you have likely seen our three-page feature in the September issue of Derbyshire Life Magazine. I was thrilled when one of our brides-to-be sent a message saying ‘great article in Derbyshire Life’ Immediately I ran out and picked up a copy, I wasn’t disappointed it looked so good on the lovely glossy paper, I felt a real sense of pride… followed by my daughter saying “mummy you’re in a book” …well not quite but to her I may as well be!

So this particular¬†copy of Derbyshire Life has been carefully passed from friends to family members to read, digest and comment on-I have taken my Father’s comment on board “you could have tried to look a little smarter, ripped jeans, tut” ¬†Thankfully they have all tried their hardest to not crease the pages, this is one to show the grandchildren!

So here it is, for you all to read without the worry of dog-earing the pages!

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