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Hints and Tips for Choosing your perfect Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress can come with a mixture excitement and anticipation. For some brides it may be the first time to try on a long dress, let alone a white one!

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If you are feeling anxious you are not alone.

We understand how exciting and daunting it can be to walk into a wedding dress shop. It can be overwhelming to see the sheer amount of different styles, colours and fabrics- where do you start? Fear not, here at The Ivory Chapter we have a carefully selected range of wedding dresses to suit different body shapes and most importantly reflect the different personalities of our brides.

Boho Bride

What body-shape are you?

A great place to start is to think about your body shape- what styles do you tend to wear? I am not keen on pigeon-holing people into categories for body shapes- such as apple, pear, triangular etc but there is definitely a theory that tends to work with particular body shapes. For example if you have broad shoulders a plunging V usually looks amazing. Image is of Celebration by Marylise.

Hourglass shapes work well accentuating all of those amazing curves by wearing a dress that is sassy, structured and well balanced. Showing off the waist. Image is of Taylor by Watters.

Apple shapes can really lengthen the body by wearing an empire line. Image is Bielo by Cymbeline.

Cymbeline Bielo, Angel, Belen Wedding Dress

It’s not an exact science, but there are some principles as a starter. It’s always worth looking at other brides with similar body shapes to see what they wore on their wedding day.

Feeling Inspired?

Talking of inspiration, it is worth setting up a Pinterest board for your wedding dress. Add to it as and when you see something you love, it’s great for the boutique to see your board to understand which direction you are heading towards.  Whether it ends up that way or not, it is a great start. Trust me when you’re trying on, you need to be open to styles that you may not have considered. Let us help steer you, we know our collections inside out, so we know what may lack hanger-appeal but looks amazing on. Or a style that would just work so well for you particular shape and style.

During an appointment you may well go ‘off-piste’ but we will bring you back on track again so don’t worry. Always try to end your appointment on a high, if there was one dress that stood out for you ask to try it on again at the end so it is fresh in your mind.

Your big day… when and where?

Your wedding venue and the time of year of your wedding day will also influence your wedding dress decision. If you are getting married somewhere warm (abroad? you can never count on British weather!)

It will be well worth considering wedding dresses that are light and layered and ideally in natural fabrics- take a look at our Cymbeline , Marylise  and Flora collections, they would be ideal.

Images are: Celebration by Marylise, Claudine by Flora and Banyuls by Cymbeline.

If you are getting married in the depths of winter, think about what you may wear with your dress. Choose something that compliments it rather than looking like an afterthought.

We are seeing a lot of butter-soft leather jackets worn with wedding dresses, but a more traditional shrug or fur stole also look amazing. Add these to your Pinterest board too.


The B Word… Budget.

Next, think about your budget. It’s always worth being open with the boutique about your budget. Try and make sure you try on wedding dresses within budget. Trust me, you’ll hate me if you fall in love with a dress that you aren’t able to have.

Always put money aside for wedding dress alterations, veils hair accessories etc…it soon adds up.

What do you want the experience to be like?

The next thing is choosing a bridal boutique that reflects your personality- as you’ll spending a lot of time there throughout the weeks running up to your big day.

At The Ivory Chapter we always offer one to one appointments so our time and energy is 100% on you. We make sure each and every bride has the whole boutique to herself- there are plenty of refreshments on tap too!

the ivory chapter

Have a really good think about who you will choose to be your recruits for you wedding dress shopping experience. Yes, you need people who will be honest with you, but remember this is your day… I would suggest not bringing more than 3-4 otherwise it could all get a bit confused with too many people to satisfy!

And let’s not forget, this is the most exciting time of your life. Choosing your dress is such fun, so there will be a few giggles along the way too…

If you love what you see within our wedding dress collection, then please do make an appointment, and we will be more than happy to help you find your perfect wedding dress.

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