There are bows and then there are Cymbeline BOWS!

wedding dress with bow

It’s all about the ‘bow’ I see from all of the features that I have read following Barcelona Bridal Week, well when I went to see Cymbeline’s new 2018 collection in London on Sunday I was rather mesmerised by this dress and her bow!


What you can’t really see from this photo is that there is beautiful spot lace layered under the delicate floral lace- she really is a stunner…All being well she’ll be available in The Ivory Chapter by the end of 2017.


Cymbeline wedding dress


the ivory chapter bridal boutique

The Ivory Chapter-off shopping for wedding dresses to add to our collection…


I’ll be heading off to London on Sunday to visit The White Gallery in Battersea Park. A very important date in a bridal boutique’s calendar- this is where we will go and look at the new 2018 bridal collections from wedding dresses, to bridal accessories, shoes and all of the trimmings. There are over 70 designers from across the globe, so it is literally like being a kid in a sweetie shop!

I am so excited to see our fabulous Alan Hannah’s new wedding dress collection. They will be showing off their amazing creations on the catwalk, I’ll get some pics and keep you all in the loop.

I am also meeting with Sassi Halford to see their new So Sassi wedding dress collection, we’ll be in for a treat ladies!

After the main event I will be heading to a Chelsea hotel to see what our Parisien faves ‘Cymbeline’ have been woking on for their next super-chic wedding dress collection. I have adored working with them, their dresses are so effortless but offer something very special and a little bit different. As i may have told you before, I wore a Cymbeline wedding dress for my big day 13 years ago, and I love them as much now as i did back then.

And let’s not forget our bride tribe… Maids to Measure have a super-cool new bridesmaid collection. How can I resist with a name like ‘written in the stars’? So there will be some new bridesmaid dresses hanging here in The Ivory Chapter very soon.

And maybe the other thing that is getting me very giddy is the prospect of not only seeing Savannah Miller’s bridal collection in the flesh…but getting to meet Savannah Miller herself!!! When her agent asked if i would like to meet her, I’m not kidding it was hard to stay cool…hell yeah!

I do also have one more trick up my sleeve too, but that’s a little secret, but trust me on this. If I pull it off you are going to LOVE me!!!

I will be keeping you lucky bride-to-be posted with all of the excitement from the day!


the ivory chapter bridal boutique









Alan Hannah’s 2018 Wedding Dress Collection, will be showcased in just a few weeks time.

alan hannah wedding dress

Well, this is more of a hot topic for me than you perhaps, but I can’t quite explain just how giddy I am to be seeing the new 2018 wedding dress collection from Alan Hannah on Sunday 14th May down in London at The White Gallery.

I am a very proud stockist-they are such a force to be reckoned with in the world of Bridal. Marguerite and Alan Hannah work tirelessly to bring the best of British Bridal to brides all over the world.

And… there is more exciting stuff to come, I can’t wait to see what creations Marguerite has designed this time.

Here’s to British talent!

the ivory chapter bridal boutique

Are you ready girls…blue is the new pink

wedding dress

One of the wedding dress trends that has come out of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week is  ‘pale blue’. There were a number of designers showcasing their new super-subtle pale blue wedding dresses. It is quite refreshing to see a new colour coming through- moving away from the champagnes and blushes to something that little bit different. The wedding dress on the main image is from designer: Randy Fenoli

I am not sure yet if we’ll be buying into this new colour for 2018,I guess it all depend on how brave I’m feeling.



the ivory chapter bridal boutique



A big one for 2018 Bridalwear is…’The Cape’


The CAPE…A really big trend for 2018 bridal collections that has been seen all over the Barcelona Bridal Week catwalks.

Personally I’d love to be a super-hero, but this is how you can be one on your wedding day… with a beautiful cape. So whether you’re more of a capelet or a full super-hero cape girl, it does matter there are so many to choose from.

I am loving the small caplets with quirky patterns such as Savannah Miller’s all-over stars- it stops it from looking too ‘traditional’ and adds a cute fun-factor. (see below) Jenny Packham had a lovely little capelet adorned with cute little polka dots!

wedding dress shop

 I absolutely adore Rosa Clara’s capelet with this intricate cut-work- a very elegant and sophisitacted look.

wedding dress shop

and…then there’s the full length cape! I see this almost replacing the cathedral length veil for some brides. It’s a real statement- and what a great one to make too! This particular one is from Francesca Miranda, but trust me there was atlas one at every designer catwalk show in Barcelona.

wedding dress shop

We have the perfect Watters wedding dress arriving in the boutique very soon that does the ‘cape-job’ really nicely. The cape itself is all part of the dress, it gives a perfect amount of arm coverage without having a sleeve and the delicate lace is so so pretty.

Watters wedding dressWatters wedding dress

the ivory chapter bridal boutique

Elegant Trouser Suits- new 2018 wedding dress’ish trend

All over BBFW wedding dress designers are showing off their new collections for 2018, and I will keep you up to speed with the new trends that are coming through.

One wedding dress trend that is an absolute ‘dead-cert’ for 2018 is the pantsuit/jumpsuit and elegant structured trousers.

Just type ‘pantsuit 2018 wedding trend’ into google and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s very new and exciting isn’t it…. what’s your thoughts on getting married in anything other than a wedding dress or top-skirt combo?

wedding dress shop derby

Viktor & Rolf 2018 Bridal Collection.

wedding dress shop derby

Anyway i’ll be heading down to London early in May to buy into some of these new collections and I am torn, do I or don’t I buy a pantsuit for you lovely brides-to-be?!

I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

the ivory chapter bridal boutique

Main photo: Designer-Jenny Packham Style-Magic and Clemence



Barcelona Bridal Week- which means one thing….NEW WEDDING DRESS COLLECTIONS!!!!!

Such a pivotal time in a bridal boutique’s calendar…Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (BBFW). It is adorned with  such talent- these leading bridal designers gather in Barcelona to show off their new wedding dress collections for 2018 (how they keep bringing out new and exciting collections i’ll never know)

Instagram is literally bursting at the seams with live streaming of catwalk shows and photos of the designer’s exhibition stands- there is so much to take in! It’s well-worth a look its so inspiring.

I’m personally super-excited to see Cymbeline’s catwalk show at 10.30am on Friday 28th April. Knowing and loving Cymbeline as I do, I am sure they’ll not disappoint.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress

I will keep you posted …

the ivory chapter bridal boutique



No Rain, No Flowers….

wedding dress shop derby

There’s nothing quite like having fresh flowers in the boutique. We are blessed to have the most gorgeous boutique florist literally across the road- the blossom tree so picking new flowers each week is a real treat.


Happy Easter from The Ivory Chapter

wedding dress shop derby

Well ladies, have a wonderful Easter break…I am looking forward to putting my feet up for a couple of days!

When I come back next week, I’ll be preparing for one of the most exciting events in the calendar for bridal boutique owners… White Gallery in London- where we browse the new collections of some of the most talented bridal designers… and do what we do best….buy our stock for you lovely brides-to-be. I am super-excited!

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely restful break, and looking forward to some more fun and fruitful appointments

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