Designer Wedding Dress Sale

wedding dress sale

The designer wedding dress sale is going to kick-off on Friday 5th January 2018. We have an amazing selection of designer wedding dresses that are as good as new.

We have dresses in the sale from Alan Hannah, Cymbeline, Mia Mia and So Sassi. The dress are all featured on the wedding dress sale rail page. There are some fabulous bargains to be had.

All of the sale dresses are to be purchased from the rail- take NO notice of the sizes as designer wedding dresses usually fit approx 2 sizes below the label size, so if you are a size 8 you’d likely fit a wedding dress size 12.


Happy shopping!





Woodland Wedding Festival

Watters wedding dress

When the alarm clock went off at 5.30am on Sunday morning I had a mixture of emotions… “why did I agree to this? along with the excitement and anticipation of what the day would bring. So off I went to Yoxall, in Staffordshire with a Mini packed full to the brim.

In the early hours of the morning the amazing Ben from hbaphotography kick started the photoshoot, and as you can see it is rather mesmerising. Rebecca our beautiful model wore our brand new Watters dress called Vendela, and I’m pleased to say a Watters dress stands-up to the elements…and after a full morning of shooting in well, fields and forests you can imagine what the hem of the dress may look like…well times that by 10 and that’s what we got… but after a little ‘rinse’ she looks as good as new! Phew!


Watters wedding dress

As for the day itself, its was brilliant, the tipi from peak tipis was a real eye opener. For those of you that know me, I’m no outdoorsy girl but this tipi was AMAZING, it was so relaxed yet uber-stylish, perhaps that’s thanks to the amazing team of stylists and the flowers, my goodness they were stunning by the hugely creative nadiaditullo.


wedding inspiration

So we left that day a little exhausted and a lot happy… so massive thanks to the amazing team at fieldandforest for being such amazing hosts, you have one truly awesome wedding venue!

wedding venue


the ivory chapter bridal boutique



Proud to be a stockist of the best of the best in the bridal industry.

Best in Bridal

A massive well done to some of our amazing designers, that have won 2017 The Bridal Buyer Awards for best in industry.

best in bridal

The super-tanted Marguerite Hannah for her amazing Alan Hannah Collection.

Alan Hannah

And the bridesmaid collection that I fell in love with a year ago, and the most gorgeous owners with the trendiest collection of bridesmaid dresses- Maids to Measure. Whoop Whoop!

maids to measure


and the icing in the cake is that Richard Designs picked up the award for best accessory manufacturer. Their accessories are all lovingly made in england.

Wedding Accessories

Haven’t we chosen well!

the ivory chapter bridal boutique

4 weeks until Save the Date Wedding Event with a Difference

save the date

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us!

One week until ‘Field and Forest Weddings‘ wedding event for future brides and grooms to wander the amazing fields and forest for the most whimsical of weddings and we’ll be there to show you some of most delightful wedding dresses. Two of our wedding dress designers- Cymbeline and Watters will be amazing for a ‘fancy-free’ look nothing too formal or structured, just imagine wearing a wedding dress where you can skip around with bare feet and flowers in your hair…

Four weeks until Derby’s most-loved Save the Date wedding event with a difference. It really is bridal eye-candy, you just won’t know where to look – The Round House will be packed with some of the best wedding suppliers around.

And squeezed in between is the Melbourne Art Trail where shops and homes open their doors to local artists for the full weekend. The Ivory capture is going to be transformed for one local artist- Jane Orton who is the creator of the most amazing jewellery. So if you’re in the Melbourne area it will be well-worth a look.


bridal boutique


The Ivory Chapter Featured in Derbyshire Life Magazine

For anyone that’s anyone in Derbyshire you have likely seen our three-page feature in the September issue of Derbyshire Life Magazine. I was thrilled when one of our brides-to-be sent a message saying ‘great article in Derbyshire Life’ Immediately I ran out and picked up a copy, I wasn’t disappointed it looked so good on the lovely glossy paper, I felt a real sense of pride… followed by my daughter saying “mummy you’re in a book” …well not quite but to her I may as well be!

So this particular copy of Derbyshire Life has been carefully passed from friends to family members to read, digest and comment on-I have taken my Father’s comment on board “you could have tried to look a little smarter, ripped jeans, tut”  Thankfully they have all tried their hardest to not crease the pages, this is one to show the grandchildren!

So here it is, for you all to read without the worry of dog-earing the pages!

Bridal Boutique bridal boutique

the ivory chapter bridal boutique





Watters 2018 Bridal Collection Winging its way to The Ivory Chapter

Watters Wedding Dress

For any bride who has being doing their ‘wedding dress research’ will have no doubt swooned over a fair few Watters wedding dresses. There is something quite unique about the style of a Watters dress. The way the dresses are designed with figure hugging stretch lining means the dresses also feel amazing on too. They are ‘barely-there’ in terms of structure- you’ll never see a corset or boning on a Watters dress…


Take a look through the collection of Watters wedding dresses (here) that we will be stocking in the autumn and feast your eyes…

If you’d like to try and of them then please get in touch to make an appointment.

the ivory chapter bridal boutique



The Art of a Bridal Seamstress

bridal seamstress derby

I have often referred to our seamstress as a ‘magician’ and I wanted to write a blog today to celebrate the dying art of the skilled bridal seamstress.

Anyone who has the confidence to put scissors to your wedding dress in my opinion undoubtedly needs to be sure of what they are doing, its a job for the brave.

bridal seamstress derby


Holly @thesewingroomderbyshire is our seamstress at The Ivory Chapter, she the ‘ying’ to my ‘yang’ with her candy floss pink hair and super-creative style that compliments my steady personality and slightly prim style. But aside from this she is also highly-skilled and experienced in de-contructing a wedding dress and putting it back together so it fits like a glove.


seamstress derby

Your dream wedding dress is often picked from a showroom sample that more often than not isn’t quite your size. So when you get ‘that call’ from the boutique to tell you that your dress has arrived, there is a thrill of seeing it again and the anticipation of oh gosh what if it doesn’t fit. And this is where you can have a huge amount of comfort knowing that Holly is on-hand. So whether you’ve gained or lost a few pounds, Holly will put your fears to rest, she has the patience to deal with anxious brides (and their Mothers) she is super-talented in her craft.

So there’s one thing for sure, you’ll be heading down the aisle looking absolutely amazing in your perfect dress.

the ivory chapter bridal boutique

A little taster of what’s to come from Watters

watters wedding dress

The aftermath of The White Gallery leaves me wanting to buy into so many of the fabulous new bridal collections. But there was a designer ‘Watters’ that offers very feminine yet contemporary bridal wear that I think you Ivory Chapter girls will love.

So, Watters have kindly let me borrow some samples to show you all before the new collection’s samples arrive in the autumn. All of the dresses that will be available to try are on the Watters page of this website just press here to see!

And this is my personal fave …

Dresses featured are available to try from Friday 9th June 2017

Prices start at £2183



the ivory chapter bridal boutique


The Ivory Chapter the first to share ‘our story’ in leading Bridal Magazine.

Take a look at our story in Bridal Buyer magazine.

It makes me super-proud that leading Bridal Magazine ‘Bridal Buyer’ has chosen to run their very first ‘one retailers story’ on my personal experience at The Ivory Chapter.

I am sure you’ll agree with me that Cymbeline wedding dresses are just so chic and well ‘Parisian’ that although they look spot on trend they also have a timeless elegance about them. I look back on my dress from 13 years ago and think it still looks ‘relevant’.

Its not often I put pics of myself on, but here it is… my Cymbeline wedding dress ..


Please do excuse the mess in the background- we were under-taking a major renovation project on the house at the time- nothing like the stress of moving house and getting married within a few months of each other.


the ivory chapter bridal boutique