Flora Bridal has landed at The Ivory Chapter

Flora Bridal

Flora Bridal will be hitting the midlands in the summer of 2018, and we are beyond excited! We simply can’t wait for them to land at The Ivory Chapter. They are going to compliment our current collection of soft, relaxed and stylish dresses just perfectly.

Flora bridal gowns are stylish and glam. They are unique, fashionable, flattering to the body, celebrating the feminine curves and making you feel comfortable and glamorous. Each dress is different from the other and has its own story.

We have chosen a selection of 6 dresses from the ‘Intrigue’ and brand new ‘Siren of the Desert’ collections- they are cross-section of gorgeousness. Visit our Flora Bridal page on the website which will launch soon to see them in their full glory.


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Rewritten Bridesmaid dresses will be available from The Ivory Chapter from Mid June 2018

rewritten bridesmaid dresses

Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses


Rewritten bridesmaid dresses (and dresses for best-dressed guests!) will be touching down in the Midlands by the middle of June 2018. We are hugely excited to have the Rewritten bridesmaid collection at The Ivory Chapter Bridal Boutique as it will compliment our current bridesmaid collection- Maids to Measure perfectly. Each have their own handwriting and ‘look’ but both will appeal to you sassy brides and we simply love having you guys in the boutique; bridesmaid appointments are such a hoot.

Rewritten dresses are designed for all of those awesome bridesmaids out there, their dresses are chic, sophisticated and take an entirely modern approach to bridal wear. The entire collection is hand-designed in London where their talented designer creates contemporary designs in the most beautiful fabric and colour combinations… and we have picked one of each style so you have each style in one of their gorgeous colours to select from.

Visit our Rewritten page on the website to see them in their full glory.


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The influence of Meghan’s wedding dress on future brides.

wedding dress

After such a build up to the ‘Royal Wedding’ I have had some time to reflect on the day. We were fully booked at the boutique right from the word go, so I only got to see snippets of the big day but thanks to Rachel (our in-house designer) we had a commentary in the background; to be honest it was mostly about George Clooney until she saw a glimpse of ‘THAT DRESS’ then that was it… we couldn’t resist all huddling around her phone to see it!

Having now seen the full wedding ceremony in real time (that’s how I roll on a Sunday!) I am now filled with such a mixture of emotions.

Firstly, hugely happy for the gorgeous couple; there is no escaping the fact that they are head-over-heels in love and totally suited to each other.

Secondly, after watching the wedding in real-time today (not on a phone buried under a pile of tulle whilst serving our very own princesses in the shop- see featured image of this blog!)) I found myself saying to my daughter ‘ Girl Power’ with a little fist pump (so not like me!) but seriously how confident and in-control did Meghan look doing her solo walk down the aisle- she looked like a strong powerful women- huge respect.

Thirdly, I got a little emotional….I had a little tear in my eye whilst watching the big day.  I think it was the intimacy I got from the day; although such a huge event with all of the pomp and ceremony I can’t quite put a finger on why this was … maybe it was the little moments that were captured between Meghan and Harry that made it feel like we were entering into their world for a short moment in time.

And finally, the feeling I got from getting my dress predictions so wrong (I hate being wrong!)Why did i think she’d wear lace, what was I thinking? I should imagine most of us that work in the bridal industry were gunning Meghan on to wear something a little bit sassy and well ‘less traditional’. So many of our customers were asking “what do you think Meghan will wear?, sleeve or no sleeve, lace or no lace”…? On reflection, how could I have got this  so wrong, the dress Meghan wore was absolutely perfect for her- she totally rocked her tailored, sharp, elegant dress such a refined and modern take on a traditional silhouette. The clean lines and lack of ‘tut’ on the dress was mesmerising against her bronzed flawless skin- and she looked youthful and radiant, but most of all ‘relevant’.

Let’s not get me started on the second dress- WOW, now that’s totally up my street, that was an unexpected treat … absolutely spot on Meghan (and Harry rocked his tux too?)

So what does that mean for us, we bridal boutique-owners. How many girls will want what Meghan had? My Instagram has been spammed with ghastly interpretations of ‘the dress’ some a damn-sight closer than others- some… i mean….really, who do you think you’re kidding?!

Well let’s see what the future holds on this front. If I’m honest I wasn’t inundated with requests from brides-to-be wanting a ‘lookey-likey’ of Kate’s wedding dress;  I wonder if this time it will be any different. Personally, what i think is so wonderful about each and every future bride we serve in the boutique is finding ‘that dress’ which  reflects them as a person, makes them feel sensational and to be that little bit ‘individual’. So let’s see what the future holds….

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Chapter One Bridal, Exclusively Available at The Ivory Chapter Bridal Boutique

Chapter One Bridal

There is so much choice of wedding dresses for brides-to-be these days and finding that something ‘different’ can be a challenge. A recent TIC customer fell in love with one of our Chapter One wedding dresses; her name is Verse (that’s the dress not the customer!) She is soft and feminine by day and sophisticated and elegant by night. The dress has a soft flowing over-skirt absolutely covered in 3-dimensional flowers that gives it a soft-whimsical look…remove the skirt and WOW there you have it, the most elegant silhouette which skims the body and shows off all her curves. The fabric is crepe lined in jersey so feels just divine! This particular dress is designed and made at The Ivory Chapter and  forms part of the Chapter One bridal collection.

Chapter One Bridal Chapter One Bridal

So if you like what you see and would like to come and meet the designer, then please book an appointment…you’ll be hugely welcome!


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Flora Bridal will be available from The Ivory Chapter from July 2018

Flora Bridal

Flora Bridal will be hitting the midlands in the summer of 2018, and we are beyond excited! We simply can’t wait for them to land at The Ivory Chapter. They are going to compliment our current collection of soft, relaxed and stylish dresses just perfectly.

Flora bridal gowns are stylish and glam. They are unique, fashionable, flattering to the body, celebrating the feminine curves and making you feel comfortable and glamorous. Each dress is different from the other and has its own story.

We have chosen a selection of 6 dresses from the ‘Intrigue’ and brand new ‘Siren of the Desert’ collections- they are cross-section of gorgeousness. Visit our Flora Bridal page on the website which will launch soon to see them in their full glory.


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Choosing your Wedding Dress

The Ivory Chapter

Choosing your wedding dress can come with a mixture excitement and anticipation. For some brides it may be the first time to try on long dress, let alone a white one!

We understand how exciting and daunting it can be to walk into a wedding dress shop, it can be overwhelming to see the sheer amount of different styles, colours and fabrics- where do you start? Fear not, here at The Ivory Chapter we have a carefully selected range of wedding dresses to suit different body shapes and most importantly reflect the different personalities of our brides.

A great place to start is to think about your body shape- what styles do you tend to wear? I am not keen on pigeonholing people into categories for body shapes- such as apple, pear, triangular etc but there is definitely a theory that tends to work with particular body shapes. For example if you have broad shoulders a plunging V usually looks amazing. Hourglass shapes work well accentuating all of those fabulous curves by wearing a dress that is structured and well balanced – showing off the waist. Apple shapes can really lengthen the body by wearing an empire line. It’s not an exact science, but there are some principles as a starter. It’s always worth looking at other brides with similar body shapes to see what they wore on their wedding day.

Talking of inspiration, it is worth setting up a Pinterest board for your wedding dress, add to it as and when you see somethttp://www.pinterest.comhing you love, it’s great for the boutique to see your board to understand which direction you are heading towards- whether it ends up that way or not, it is a great start. Trust me when you’re trying on, you need to be open to styles that you may not have considered. Let us help steer you, we know our collections inside out, so we know what may lack hanger appeal but looks amazing on, or a style that would just work so well for you particular shape and style. During an appointment you may well go ‘off-piste’ but a good consultant will bring you back on track again so don’t worry. Always end you appointment on a high, if there was one dress that stood out for you ask to try it on again at the end so it is fresh in your mind.

Your wedding venue and the time of year of your wedding day will also influence your wedding dress decision, if you are getting married somewhere warm (abroad? you can never count on British weather!) It will be well worth considering wedding dresses that are light and layered and ideally in natural fabrics- take a look at our Cymbeline and Marylise collections, they would be ideal.

If you are getting married in the depths of winter, think about what you may wear with your dress, so that it compliments it rather than looking like an afterthought. We are seeing a lot of butter-soft leather jackets worn with wedding dresses, but a more traditional shrug or fur stole also look amazing- add these to your Pinterest board too.

leather jacket

Next, think about your budget. It’s always worth being open with the boutique about your budget so you make sure you try on wedding dresses within budget- or just a tad over!

The next thing is choosing a bridal boutique that reflects your personality- as you’ll spending a lot of time there throughout the weeks running up to your big day. At The Ivory Chapter we always offer one to one appointments so our time and energy is 100% on you; we makes sure each and every bride has the whole boutique to herself- there are plenty of refreshments on tap too!

the ivory chapter

Have a really good think about who you will choose to be your recruits for you wedding dress shopping experience- yes, you need people who will be honest with you, but remember this is your day… I would suggest not bringing more than 3 otherwise it could all get a bit confused with too many people to satisfy!

And let’s not forget, this is the most exciting time of your life, choosing your dress is such fun, so there will be a few giggles along the way too…

If you love what you see within our wedding dress collection, then please do make an appointment, and we will be more than happy to help you find your perfect wedding dress.


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How we select our Stock at The Ivory Chapter Bridal Boutique.

Marylise Bridal

I hear so many of our lovely bride to be asking “how do you do it?” What I ask? “how do you have such a variety of ‘different’ wedding dresses, I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else?” That’s simply music to my ears, I have always liked to be different and that’s exactly what inspires my choice of wedding dresses for the shop. There are a lot of places put there that do such a wonderful job of selling traditional wedding dresses and it was never my plan to do the same. With a background in fashion buying- I know that ‘buying brave’ is risky but is personally satisfying when it pays off; it’s the thrill of it. Safe is how I approach most things in life but not when it comes to buying collections for the shop. I hear the designers saying “Phoebe are you sure you want to stock that dress, it is the most edgy style we have in the collection, are you sure you don’t want something a little ….safer” um no, I’m ok with that!


London Bridal Week

wedding dress shopping

So, last week I headed down to London to London Bridal Week to select some new dresses and perhaps accessories if I saw anything that took my fancy. It was a fab day, the collections for some reason this year looked like they had turned up a a notch of the fashion scale- the collections were edgy, fashionable and exciting, there were a lot to choose from and they all have their wow factors in their unique ways. I was drawn to the Marylise Bridal Collection, it has continued to be really youthful, a little bit boho and a lot fun. Hence I have selected a fair few dresses from the collection that will be winging its way to The Ivory Chapter in the autumn- we are aiming for September. I will keep you updated on this so you can book in early to see the new dresses!


Marylise BridalMarylise Bridal

Then, there is one other collection that I have been swooning over for more than a year now, and I have bitten the bullet and placed my first order. I am not going to lie, the dresses are exceptional, on a whole different level of amazingness. I can’t yet tell you about it as it is under the radar… but it is hugely exciting. The dresses are… oh no…. I promised I wouldn’t tell…keep your eyes peeled for future blogs to tell you more.

My main consideration when selecting my dresses is of course ‘you’, my customer and how you’d like to represent yourself on your wedding day, I appreciate you are spoilt for choice so we need to offer something that leaves you with butterflies in your tummy because it is so exceptional beautiful, makes you look and feel the best you possibly can, and to be that little bit different. So with every dress I buy I have you in mind.


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New Watters Wedding Dresses arrived at The Ivory Chapter

Watters wedding dress

Wow what a lovely surprise, two new wedding dresses from Watters have just arrived to brighten the snowy day.

Already going down a storm is the beautiful Azriela, those of you that know me and the dresses I buy wouldn’t automatically think of this being an ‘Ivory Chapter’ dress, but my goodness I am in LOVE!


watters wedding dress

The dress colours are Latte, Mocha and Ivory and the combination is just exquisite. The dress is such a classic beautiful silhouette but the colour combination team with the illusion neckline means it looks so contemporary and well… different.


The other dress that has arrived is ‘Hymn’ she is so simple and elegant… right up my street! The buttons that sweep all the way down the back of the dress teamed with the open back and super-simple front works an absolute threat. Hymn is so elegant and classy and would look amazing with fabulous statement jewellery.


Watters Wedding Dress

Watters Wedding Dress

So if you love any of these then please do book for an appointment.


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Chapter One Bridal featured at Save the Date Event, Nottingham.

wedding dresses

Well what a massively successful day we all had at Nottingham Conference Centre for Save the Date – Wedding Event With a Difference aka WEWAD…

We met so many brides-to-be, I think it was possibly the busiest I have seen it. The day was jam-packed with inspiration; from make-up trials to catwalk shows- we were over the moon to show off our beautiful dresses on the catwalk- there were a few that really got you talking…


wedding dresses

Ivory Chapter Wedding dresses. Models from Blake Models

Our Chapter One dress Sonnett (exclusively available at The Ivory Chapter) was our biggest hit of the day. With geometric lace and the over-the-top leg of mutton sleeve (not your average wedding dress)  it just looks so ‘new’ and ‘edgy’ it was fab to see so many brides wanting something a little different.

Chapter One Wedding Dress

Sonnet Wedding Dress- model- Blake Models.


It seems that brides were really enjoying the idea of ‘separates’ for their big day. We showed one of faves from Chapter One Bridal; it has a contemporary yet romantic look with a super- relaxed full skirt WITH POCKETS teamed with the prettiest of corsets which is hand-made to perfection.


Wedding Separates

Chapter One Wedding Separates

One thing was for sure from the day, was that you girls are looking for something super-special, fun and that little bit special… and that’s what we do best at The Ivory Chapter!

So if you missed out and want to come and see for yourself, don’t be shy come come and see us at The Ivory Chapter Bridal Boutique based in Melbourne, Derbyshire. You’ll be hugely welcome.


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See you all at Save The Date Wedding Event

Wedding Event

And we’re off again to the best show of the year ‘Wedding Event With A Difference’ aka WEWAD at Nottingham Conference Centre on Sunday 18th February 2018.


So Come along and meet us at the Wedding Event with a Difference; an inspiring, unique wedding event with serious style. Held at The Nottingham Conference Centre on Sunday 18th February, it’s an event not to be missed! Tickets available at www.savethedateevent.co.uk


We’ll be sending some seriously cool wedding dresses down the catwalk, they will feature Chapter One, Watters, Cymbeline 


Looking forward to seeing you all there x