Floral Bridal trunk show

FLORA bridal trunk show is coming to Derbyshire in January 2019 , and we can’t wait!

It will the first time FLORA bridal  has hit the midlands, showcasing their wonderful collection of the most remarkable wedding gowns!

Flora Bridal Melanie X
Flora Bridal Melanie X
Flora Bridal Melanie x
Flora Bridal Claudine
flora bridal Claudine
Flora wedding dress
FLORA wedding dress
Flora wedding dress
Flora Bridal
Flora Bridal
Flora Bridal
Flora wedding dress
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So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that here at The Ivory Chapter we are more than excited to host this fabulous event; as it gives us the perfect opportunity to show off this amazing collection of bridal gowns from Israel.

Rinat Asher, the designer, prides herself on her luxurious choice of fabrics, which allow for maximum comfort and compliment the body beautifully. FLORA Bridal design can be easily identified by its handmade embroidery and beadwork unique to every dress, the soft flowing fabrics, handmade lace and high quality of workmanship. Every dress gets the personal attention of Rinat, which gives the entire collection a personal touch.

I personally adore each and every one of the gowns in the FLORA collection, as the are contemporary and relevant for the modern bride. Those of you who know me, will understand just how much value I place on quality and wearability when it comes to wedding dresses. Therefore it was a no-brainer for me to become a FLORA stockist (and a very proud one too!) as their dresses are spot on with both aspects. The images of the dresses are divine but when you see them in the flesh you will adore them even more- we’ve all been there- pinned on Pinterest a wedding dress we love the look of, but when we see it in the flesh it is not quite what it would seem in the pictures… this is really disappointing for anyone, so needless to say, this is not the case with FLORA wedding dresses, they are remarkable, they really are!

FLORA Bridal gowns are priced between £3200 and £6500.

Either book by emailing:


Or call the boutique on:

01332 970166

Really looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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A perfectly youthful wedding dress for a perfectly youthful bride.

Wedding dress

Sarah looks such a doll in her beautiful Cymbeline Cameron dress. The little addition of a cap sleeve and the polka dot over-lay on the back, gives it that magical WOW factor, and such a unique little twist.

Cameron is such a magical wedding dress,  it has a lovely mix of fairytale princess with a tad of sass that creates a wonderful youthful gown. There is a little bit of iridescent sparkle to top it off.

Wedding dress Wedding Dress

Sarah looks beautiful and youthful, and ‘herself ‘ in every way… such a perfect dress for such a beautiful person inside and out.

Photographer J S Coates  has captured the intimacy of this very special wedding day so perfectly. The flowers are also bob on, un-done and organic  such a wonderful combination with the dress, these were created by The Flower Patch!

Thanks to Sarah for sharing these pics with us, so we can share them with you… enjoy!


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A bumper collection of Cymbeline Wedding Dresses available at The Ivory Chapter for a Limited Period.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress

Wow so we have seven new Cymbeline wedding dresses arriving at The Ivory Chapter this coming week. They all have the signature “exquisite french lace and divine backs” but each wedding dress is individual in its own right. Never before has The Ivory Chapter been home to so many ‘princess dresses’ …not a style we tend to carry many of…but my goodness these Cymbeline wedding dresses knock other princess dresses out of the park!

Cymbeline always surprises me with their clever little twist of amazingly chic styling but with all the sass of an open-back and and the comfort of an un-structured bodice. Our Cymbeline brides can have the best of both worlds…looking 100% ‘the bride’, but being as comfortable as ‘a guest’. Usually a bride has to compromise comfort when considering a bigger dress…. not with a Cymbeline wedding dress.

So here is a sneak-peek of the seven new Cymbeline wedding dresses that we will have at The Ivory Chapter for a limited period only.


A shape that we know and trust- the soft fishtail. The gorgeous three- dimensional french lace is so soft and comfortable to wear. She oozes classy and elegance.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


She is a total stunner, with a fluid lace full skirt and the soft french lace sleeve. A nod to tradition with the twist of modernity.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress


Ok so we will need to make room on the rails for Cathy. She’s one of our biggest Cymbeline dresses yet, but my goodness check out that lace… the french lace is so contemporary and so soft… there will be no scratchy lace for our brides!

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


I take it back about Cathy… Chatelaine is the show-stopper when it comes to skirt size… and check out that back! The illusion back on Cymbeline wedding dresses are always so beautiful and refined… we don’t do ‘strictly come dancing’mesh in our boutique!

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


A little bit of Sass goes a long way! This dress oozes style and sophistication but that little cheeky bow on the back of the dress makes it fun and playful…

Cymbeline Wedding Dress


She is the sleeveless version of Bielo that we have at The Ivory Chapter. She comes in three sleeves lengths- 3/4, cap and sleepless, and Belen is the sleeveless model. The floaty georgette skirt teamed what the ‘neat’ french lace bodice and low back with eyelash lace is an effortless look.

Cymbeline Wedding Dress Cymbeline Wedding Dress


Cymbeline wedding dresses a personal fave of mine. It’s the perfect mix of tradition and modernity that the talented designers at Cymbeline get just right. There is nothing quite like the elegance and opulence of a french lace wedding dress…

So if you love what you see the please do book for an appointment!


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Boom! We’re 2 years old already!

wedding dresses

Well what an emotional roller-coaster the last 2 years have been. When you’re starting out with a new business venture everything you read and all of the research you undertake points out that it will take blood, sweat and tears to become successful. They offer up all sorts of statistics to show how many businesses fail in the first couple of years… and my goodness it is easy to see why… it is tough…  you have to be 100% emotionlly-invested to keep going through both the good and the bad times. One thing I have learned for sure is that so long as you have a great product, loyal customers and above all exceptional customer service you’ll be just fine. And here at The Ivory Chapter that is what we genuinely pride ourselves on. Our wedding dresses are beyond amazing, I can’t tell you the amount of times our customers look at the rails and say ‘wow I’ve never seen wedding dresses like these before’ . Our handwriting is contemporary, yet appropriate for your special day and every dress is beautiful in her own right. We have a real mix of wedding dresses as the designers we have had-picked all have their own signature. I’m not going to lie, i didn’t get it absolutely ‘right’ at the start it has taken these 2 years to really get my mix of dresses right, I soon realised what you girls don’t want, is ‘bread and butter’ what you want is ‘wow’!

So, I have continued to extend the collection through out the past 2 years whilst really finding our feet in this crazy industry. I have always been dead clear on my strategy for the boutique- and it is to offer product that is that little bit different. Striking the balance between fashionable wedding dresses and  ‘bridal-enough’ is a tough one. Now and again I have wondered if I should deviate from my goal and offer more traditional dress but no, I have stuck to my guns and it is really paying off, my brides are loving the freshness and difference that we offer.

So, speaking of great product we have recently introduced Floral Bridal wedding dresses to our collection, they are  just WOW, we are one of three stockists in the UK so we are attracting customers from all over the country which is so exciting for us here at The Ivory chapter. The Flora dresses are designed and made in Haifa, Isreal they are edgy and so so comfortable due the refined lightweight fabrics- take a look (or even better, come and have a feel!)

Flora Bridal Melanie X

Then I have Watters which is from America and have the most gorgeous princess dresses, I personally love the crochet lace dress Taylor, she is a real winner winner chicken dinner for the bride that has curves that wants to show them off in a dress that has a nod to tradional but the crochet lace keep the dress current for our modern brides.


I have stocked Alan Hannah wedding dresses right from the get-go. It is such a privilege to work with such a talented UK wedding dress designer. The dresses are lovingly made in England too! There are a few standouts for me in the Alan Hannah collection but Millie is my personal fave. Millie is made from Mikado fabric which is much like a satin but doesn’t crease and the colour of this dress has a lovely butter-milk tone. The off-the shoulder neckline and the huge bow on the back is just divine, such a classically British dress but with a lovely contemporary twist.

Alan Hannah Wedding Dress

Last year when I went to Harrogate to look at some new dresses for you lovely brides-to-be I was blown away by the Marylise collection of wedding dresses. The styles were so ‘fresh’ and ‘young’  and the prices make them so accessible to a lot of customers. I loved them so much that I topped up with their Modern Muse collection which have been arriving into the boutique over the past month or so, and they are fabulous!





Originally I hadn’t planned on stocking bridesmaid dresses until I met the lovely Sinclair from Maids to Measure and I instantly fell in love with their concept of bridesmaid dresses to suit all, and when I found out they are designed and made in England as well, that ticked all of the boxes for me, I had to be a stockist. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy bridesmaids and Maids to Measure have hit the nail on the head with their styles and colours which can be mixed and matched to suit different shapes, sizes, colourings, personalities – a massive thumbs up from me and my customers.

maids to measure bridesmaid dresses

The new kids on the block for my bridesmaid dress collection is Rewritten, the bridesmaid dresses are super-cool and perhaps a little bit more casual than maids to measure, both are great in their own ways…

rewritten bridesmaid dresses

In September last year, one year into my venture I met the fabulous ‘Rach’ a fellow mum from the school. Rach has been in the bridal industry for years, amongst other wizardry skills she is a hugely-talented seamstress, she also designs and makes couture wedding gowns…so it was a no-brainer she just had to join The Ivory Chapter and ever since then I have never looked back, she has brought experience, skill and a lot of hilarity into the boutique…such a wonderful asset. We now have a small collection of wedding dresses that have been designed and made here at The Ivory Chapter, in Derbyshire. The collection is called ‘Chapter One’ and I am hoping there will be many more chapters to come.

Wedding Separates

So all in all, my first 2 years at The Ivory Chapter has been fabulous, I have met so may lovely brides-to-be, amazing mums, mum-in-laws, families and friends. I have must got through hundreds of bottles of Elderflower juice and said the phrase ‘don’t lock the door!’ a thousand times (every time someone needs to use the loo… year 3, must find a handyman!) I have continued to expand the collection of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dress and accessories but it is just the start of my journey, I have many exciting things up my sleeve, my busy mind never settles and I am constantly searching for the next ‘must-have’ designer. So watch this space, the next year at The Ivory Chapter looks like its going to be an exciting one!

wedding dresses

Natasha rocking her Cymbeline Gown

Cymbeline Wedding Dress

When Natasha came in to the boutique looking for her perfect dress I don’t think any of us imagined she’d fall head over heels in love with her Cymbeline dress called Brume… it was little off-brief, but when she pulled it on and I looked up from behind her in the mirror it was a moment that I wont forget. Natasha looked mesmerising, her body-shape is just perfect for this dress.


Without any alterations the Brume dress has a very plunging V front which was a little ‘risqué’ as it comes almost down to the navel. So our very own magician a.k.a. Rach worked her magic on the bust area to make the plunging V front just perfect for Natasha… I don’t know about you but I’d never have know any work had been done on the bodice at all!

Cymbeline Cymbeline Cymbeline Cymbeline Cymbeline Cymbeline

What I love about each and every one of our brides is how they style their dresses. Natasha was never going to be the bride that totters around in her Jimmy Choos, she was clear from the start that she was going to wear pumps. I love the juxtaposition of the soft french lace with her Keds.

But here you go, take a look for yourself , Natasha looks beautiful and contemporary, and ‘herself ‘ in every way. Photographer Matt Brown has captured these moments so beautifully. The stunning venue is Calke Abbey in Derbyshire…and who doesn’t love the leopard print background, totally cool!

Thanks to Natasha and Tom for sharing these pics with us, so we can share them with you.


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Marylise New Modern Muse Collection due in just a few weeks.



The contemporary Marylise bride dreams of a wedding where everything is arranged down to the last detail. Her dream dress is a reflection of that perfection and everyone has to be blown away by its unique design, where the personality of the bride is reflected. No classic, stiff dress but instead a sophisticated creation that looks both romantic and ‘cool’ at the same time.

The shapes and materials are traditional. The details, however, make the creations very contemporary. For example, the seductive low backs and the 3D flower applications that emboss the clothes are very striking. Another dominant element in the collection is ‘transparency’. The dresses are transparent but never exaggerated. In addition to the refined lines and fit, noble fabrics have been used: dreamy fabrics that are cast on the body. For example, many lights, transparent materials have been used including tulle in ‘nude’, and silk jacquard. In addition, there are also many floral motifs and precious French lace. For Marylise 2019 we have succeeded in developing a very personal style for a unique bride!

A couple more FLORA wedding dresses available for a limited time

FLORA wedding dress

We are excited to announce that we have two more FLORA dresses arriving at The Ivory Chapter from next weekend (3rd August 2018). The beautiful dresses that will be winging their way to us are Julia and Monique both are from FLORA’s Intrigue collection…and my goodness the are intriguing!

Ever since we have launched our FLORA collection in the boutique, our customers have been hunting them down to see them in the flesh. Girls are coming in showing their Pinterest boards that are riddled with FLORA gowns and they can’t quite believe they can now get their hands on them! What is so satisfying is that the FLORA dresses live up to their expectations. As soon as you put them on, not only do they look current, stylish and …well-bridal they feel so exquisite and also dare I say it ‘comfortable;’ . Comfort isn’t often the highest priority for the big day- but if you can look this sassy and cool and also feel comfortable then I’d take it! A big thumbs up to FLORA for this.

Here is a little bit more of what we have to come to add to the already AMAZING collection of FLORA wedding dresses:


With her pretty soft cap sleeves with the most sumptuously plunging V back. The skirt has a soft fishtail. The lace on the bodice is so stunning and completely different from what you see in most bridal collections- this is what makes Julia so unique and special.


She is one of FLORA bridal’s most girlie wedding dress. The open back and plunging V-front keeps it fun and feminine. With the nipped-in waist and soft flowing skirt ordained with 3d lace it is the perfect combination of sass and sophistication.


So, if you’d like to try any of our FLORA wedding dresses then please do get in touch and we will look forward to welcoming you into the boutique.

Email: phoebe@theivorychapter.co.uk

Tel: 01332 970166


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Flora Bridal has landed at The Ivory Chapter

Flora Bridal

Flora Bridal will be hitting the midlands in the summer of 2018, and we are beyond excited! We simply can’t wait for them to land at The Ivory Chapter. They are going to compliment our current collection of soft, relaxed and stylish dresses just perfectly.

Flora bridal gowns are stylish and glam. They are unique, fashionable, flattering to the body, celebrating the feminine curves and making you feel comfortable and glamorous. Each dress is different from the other and has its own story.

We have chosen a selection of 6 dresses from the ‘Intrigue’ and brand new ‘Siren of the Desert’ collections- they are cross-section of gorgeousness. Visit our Flora Bridal page on the website which will launch soon to see them in their full glory.


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Rewritten Bridesmaid dresses will be available from The Ivory Chapter from Mid June 2018

rewritten bridesmaid dresses

Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses


Rewritten bridesmaid dresses (and dresses for best-dressed guests!) will be touching down in the Midlands by the middle of June 2018. We are hugely excited to have the Rewritten bridesmaid collection at The Ivory Chapter Bridal Boutique as it will compliment our current bridesmaid collection- Maids to Measure perfectly. Each have their own handwriting and ‘look’ but both will appeal to you sassy brides and we simply love having you guys in the boutique; bridesmaid appointments are such a hoot.

Rewritten dresses are designed for all of those awesome bridesmaids out there, their dresses are chic, sophisticated and take an entirely modern approach to bridal wear. The entire collection is hand-designed in London where their talented designer creates contemporary designs in the most beautiful fabric and colour combinations… and we have picked one of each style so you have each style in one of their gorgeous colours to select from.

Visit our Rewritten page on the website to see them in their full glory.


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The influence of Meghan’s wedding dress on future brides.

wedding dress

After such a build up to the ‘Royal Wedding’ I have had some time to reflect on the day. We were fully booked at the boutique right from the word go, so I only got to see snippets of the big day but thanks to Rachel (our in-house designer) we had a commentary in the background; to be honest it was mostly about George Clooney until she saw a glimpse of ‘THAT DRESS’ then that was it… we couldn’t resist all huddling around her phone to see it!

Having now seen the full wedding ceremony in real time (that’s how I roll on a Sunday!) I am now filled with such a mixture of emotions.

Firstly, hugely happy for the gorgeous couple; there is no escaping the fact that they are head-over-heels in love and totally suited to each other.

Secondly, after watching the wedding in real-time today (not on a phone buried under a pile of tulle whilst serving our very own princesses in the shop- see featured image of this blog!)) I found myself saying to my daughter ‘ Girl Power’ with a little fist pump (so not like me!) but seriously how confident and in-control did Meghan look doing her solo walk down the aisle- she looked like a strong powerful women- huge respect.

Thirdly, I got a little emotional….I had a little tear in my eye whilst watching the big day.  I think it was the intimacy I got from the day; although such a huge event with all of the pomp and ceremony I can’t quite put a finger on why this was … maybe it was the little moments that were captured between Meghan and Harry that made it feel like we were entering into their world for a short moment in time.

And finally, the feeling I got from getting my dress predictions so wrong (I hate being wrong!)Why did i think she’d wear lace, what was I thinking? I should imagine most of us that work in the bridal industry were gunning Meghan on to wear something a little bit sassy and well ‘less traditional’. So many of our customers were asking “what do you think Meghan will wear?, sleeve or no sleeve, lace or no lace”…? On reflection, how could I have got this  so wrong, the dress Meghan wore was absolutely perfect for her- she totally rocked her tailored, sharp, elegant dress such a refined and modern take on a traditional silhouette. The clean lines and lack of ‘tut’ on the dress was mesmerising against her bronzed flawless skin- and she looked youthful and radiant, but most of all ‘relevant’.

Let’s not get me started on the second dress- WOW, now that’s totally up my street, that was an unexpected treat … absolutely spot on Meghan (and Harry rocked his tux too?)

So what does that mean for us, we bridal boutique-owners. How many girls will want what Meghan had? My Instagram has been spammed with ghastly interpretations of ‘the dress’ some a damn-sight closer than others- some… i mean….really, who do you think you’re kidding?!

Well let’s see what the future holds on this front. If I’m honest I wasn’t inundated with requests from brides-to-be wanting a ‘lookey-likey’ of Kate’s wedding dress;  I wonder if this time it will be any different. Personally, what i think is so wonderful about each and every future bride we serve in the boutique is finding ‘that dress’ which  reflects them as a person, makes them feel sensational and to be that little bit ‘individual’. So let’s see what the future holds….

the ivory chapter bridal boutique