We are Closing Down.

closing down

We will be closing our doors somewhere between the end of September and Mid October.

So many of you are asking me what my plans are after I have closed The Ivory Chapter. To be honest, I am going to spend some time concentrating on me… The Me Chapter.

Not all of you may know that I have continued to work in the Corporate World during the conception, start-up and then the sustaining of The Ivory Chapter. It has been hard work to juggle both jobs and my personal-life (including my gorgeous 7 year old daughter, Blair) and something had to give. I love so many aspects of running my business but it is tough, rewarding, but really tough. Not many people tell the honest truth about running a business and I think I may even write a book, or do a pod-cast on it, I think it could be a real-eye opener.

I was never the girl that dreamt of having a bridal shop because of the pretty dress. To me it was a business, giving customers something different and relevant that happened to be wedding dresses. I adore fashion and think the wedding dress market has a long way to go to catch up… but I really tried. So many of you gorgeous brides have commented about how The Ivory Chapter really does offer something quite unique and many of you have had your dresses from me, and that makes me smile… a lot!

So, I have done what I have set-out to achieve, now I need to do something I have never done before, which is to successful close a business. My aim is to continue to operate business as usual giving brides a fabulous experience regardless that the dress is purchased off the rail…fizz will still be popped!

This does mean that all of my dresses, bridesmaid dresses and accessories do need to be sold. All of the dresses are sold from the rail, at a discounted price. The majority are size 10-12 and we have a few size 14’s. They are selling like hot cakes, so if there is a particular style that you have your eye on, please do let me know and we’ll get you booked in… if you snooze you’ll lose. I have already had to email a number of brides to let them know that the dress they loved has been sold…

We are still running by appointment, so please let me know if you’d like to book in. It would be lovely to see you..

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