The Ivory Chapter the first to share ‘our story’ in leading Bridal Magazine.

Take a look at our story in Bridal Buyer magazine.

It makes me super-proud that leading Bridal Magazine ‘Bridal Buyer’ has chosen to run their very first ‘one retailers story’ on my personal experience at The Ivory Chapter.

I am sure you’ll agree with me that Cymbeline wedding dresses are just so chic and well ‘Parisian’ that although they look spot on trend they also have a timeless elegance about them. I look back on my dress from 13 years ago and think it still looks ‘relevant’.

Its not often I put pics of myself on, but here it is… my Cymbeline wedding dress ..


Please do excuse the mess in the background- we were under-taking a major renovation project on the house at the time- nothing like the stress of moving house and getting married within a few months of each other.


the ivory chapter bridal boutique








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